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Economic Reform Framework


  1.1 Productivity

  • “Industries of Excellence”: key industries (hospitality, agriculture, food), growth industries (bio-economy, EVs, smart electronics, digital economy, education, healthcare)

  • Cross-industry enablers (human capital development, technology enhancement, competition improvement)

 1.2 Regional Integration

  • Cluster / hub development
  • Infrastructure development
  • Reduce trade barriers across CLMV

 1.3 R&D, Innovation Ecosystem

  • R&D Center of Excellence
  • Reform of the Department of Intellectual Property (DIP)

  • Enhancement of start-up funding

 Equality & Inclusive Growth

 2.1 Social safety net and fiscal space

  • Inequality institution (sub-section “2.0”)
  • Social safety net expansion , social insurance systems reform (esp. pension reform), tax administration and tax code reforms
  • Area/needs-based budgeting

 2.2 Economic institutions for communities

  • Community banks
  • Community businesses
  • Community funds (i.e. SIF)

 2.3 Personal empowerment

  • Capacity development for farmers
  • Education and skills development for workers

  • Initiatives for entrepreneurs and SMEs

  Policy, Process & Institutional Reforms

 3.1 Policy Agency Reform

  • Strategic Unit
  • National Statistical Office Reform & National Data Unit

 3.2 Fiscal and Budgetary Agencies Reform

  • Budgeting Unit
  • Fiscal Policy Reform
  • Asset Management Unit
  • Long term Fiscal Sustainability

 3.3 Execution & Evaluation Agency Reform

  • Execution Mechanism PMDU
  • Monitoring & Evaluation Unit



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